Starting a Career in SEO: The Resources

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Starting a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is tough enough for the experts, but for beginners, it is darn near impossible if you have no idea where to start. Since SEO is such a vital aspect of conducting business today, companies are always looking for people to help them market their business online more effectively.

When starting any career, people tend to have questions and below is list of resources that will help anyone take the first step to start their SEO career.


Ever since the printing press was invented, books have been the backbone of all knowledge known to man.  This also applies to a SEO newbie who is looking for some simple solutions on how to tackle search engine optimization.  The following is a list of great books that give background, explanations and insight to the SEO world.

The Art of SEO The Art of SEO sets the ground work for starting your SEO campaign.  It contains SEO concepts and procedures from leading industry gurus.

Don’t Make Me Think Website navigation, usability and content is a vital aspect of SEO and Don’t Make Me Think helps users of all levels maximize their site credibility.

Letting Go of the Words Writing isn’t easy and providing solid content for a website is even tougher.  Letting Go of the Words is all about content, providing guidelines, case studies, and examples.

Marketing in the Age of Google Marketing in the Age of Google is a clearly communicated and easily comprehendible look into advanced SEO and search engine concepts.

SEO Book (E-Reader) SEO Book is a top rated SEO resource because it provides its readers with multiple learning avenues such as informational articles, interactive visual aids, and a community forum.

SEO For Dummies SEO For Dummies is a great guide to start your SEO adventure.  It guides you through the entire SEO process from keywords, web design, content creation, link building, and result analysis.

Web Analytics 2.0 Being able to analyze your SEO results is a vital part of your strategy and Web Analytics 2.0 guides you through tools like Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and more.

Good Reads

Books are great, but any real internet savvy individual knows that some of the best information available is out in cyber space.  Here are some great articles to browse and grasp the concept of SEO.

21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques Take a look at these tips because some of them will catch your eye.

Google’s Guidelines on SEO Brief SEO information provided by Google

Internet Marketing Dictionary Everyone needs one of these.  This site is a reference for industry terms that every SEO beginner needs.

SEO Book Glossary If the Internet Marketing Dictionary does not have something listed then definitely check out the SEO Book Glossary page.

SEO Cheat Sheet This is a more advanced look into HTML formatting so enter at your own risk. Don’t forget to download the PDF version for later use.

SEO Don’ts: 20 Fatal Mistakes You Must Avoid to Succeed One can never be to careful when starting a SEO campaign.  Hate to sound cliché but better safe than sorry.

SEO on Wikipedia This link is a great start to get common knowledge and background information on SEO. Don’t be afraid to click through Wikipedia’s internal links to go more in depth in certain areas.

The Beginner’s Checklist for Small Business SEO This blog post has great information on how to stay organized and how to start your SEO campaign.

The Beginners Guide to SEO SEOmoz tackles SEO with this astounding article which provides both great information and visual aids.


Online communities and forums are a great place to ask for help, input, or look up any information related to SEO or Internet marketing in general.    Search the forums because people tend to have the same problems as you do and the answer to all your questions are already listed. Think of these online communities like the Apollo moon missions, before you buckle up in the space shuttle, ask Neil Armstrong how everything went.

Digital Point Digital Point’s community forum is clear cut and straight to the point.  Everything that involves the Internet, SEO and business is located in one centralized location.

High Rankings Forum This site has a large international community where different ideas are brainstorming all over the world.

SEO Book Community Page Everything you would expect from SEO Book comes its community page with blog and forum posts.

SEO Chat Forums This forum has easy navigation and great content.

SEOmoz The SEOmoz community page always has the most up to date content with interesting blog posts and tons of forum activity.


Software and applications are essential to any SEO campaign.  To gain your competitive advantage, you need to determine what program works for you to reach and exceed your goals.  Below is a list of SEO software programs.  Some are free and others require purchase.

Advanced Web Ranking Advanced Web Ranking is a very thorough website rank checking software with great customer support.

Authority Labs This is a great tool to simply setup and track a SEO campaign.

Ontolo Ontolo specializes in link building and it is built specifically to help reduce your time spent building links.

Raven Tools Raven Tools integrates rankings, link building, social media, email marketing and analytics into one central location.  It enables you to research, monitor, manage, and report your Internet marketing campaign.

SEO Blueprint SEO Blueprint has a 3 step software that integrates blogging, PR articles, and link building to boost your website’s traffic and increase your overall brand awareness.

SEOmoz This is not the first time SEOmoz has been mentioned on this post so make sure to check out the different tools and features that they provide.  They provide everything from checking your rankings to link building tools.

Traffic Travis This software is great for a beginner because it is easy to use and uncomplicated.  Traffic Travis allows you to spy on your competitors, uncover your own website’s mistakes and track other SEO activities.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are not just for fun and games. Social Media has become an Internet marketing necessity.  Almost every blue chip corporation in the world has teams dedicated to leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Digg and others.  Social media is not only a great way to market on the internet but it has become a vital aspect to SEO.

10 Reasons Why Social Is Your Future SEO Strategy Some important ways to optimize your site include generating fresh content.  One way to accomplish this is to have access to user generated content.

Social Media and SEO: 5 Essential Steps to Success Take a look at these steps to get a grasp on how social media ties into SEO and how to implement social media optimization (SMO) into your SEO campaign.

The Social Media Marketer’s SEO Checklist This is a great article on how to optimize your social media avenues and link them to your SEO.

Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation Explore social media and how it directly relates to SEO.  Once you understand the underlying factors between these correlations, your SEO campaign will benefit greatly.

Industry Blogs

Listed below are some of the most popular SEO industry blogs.  Constantly check for updated blog posts for current trends, changes in the industry and other useful information that can help you with your everyday SEO needs.

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO is a very popular blog.  He is the face of the web spam team at Google and his insight is phenomenal.  He is the guy who determines what is good and bad with Google SEO.  If you read something on his blog you know it is FACT.

Search Engine Guide This blog has almost every Internet marketing topic ranging from content, social media, analytics, and link building.

Search Engine Journal The Search Engine Journal has great writers, articles and blog posts about everything Internet marketing.

Search Engine Land A great place for industry news and current events is Search Engine Land. They also list industry expo dates and other great resources.

Search Engine Watch This is one of the most popular industry blogs.  Don’t forget to check out the SEW Forums located on the top left hand side.

Becoming an SEO expert does not happen overnight but this resource guide will be a great starting point for any beginner.  By no means does this guide list all the resources you need to start a successful SEO campaign but utilize the links above to get great information on SEO and branch out to other sources in order to strengthen you industry knowledge.  If you find any other useful resources lets us know.

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