Friday Night Links: The State of SEO

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SEO refers both to search engine optimization and the people who are optimizing content for search. So, how are SEOs doing? What about the SEO industry? There have been several articles this week looking at exactly that – both the negative image of SEOs (and what some of them really are doing wrong), as well as an industry report from Social Media Examiner looking at the facts.

Even if you're not interested in what's going on with SEO in general, check out a few ideas of ways to improve your site, like your use of video or location-related keywords. Even read about what to do when your site decides to start accepting guest posts! And if you really want to transform your site and your marketing initiatives, this week was also Marketing Transformation Week with HubSpot, so check out all the resources they have made available.

2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (via Social Media Examiner)
41 free pages packed with data about what is happening in social media for internet marketing.

4 SEO Myths – Believing Them Will Get You Nowhere (via Daily SEO Tip)
SEO does not go fast or come easily, and you probably will never get  to be a #1 result – so watch out when people try to tell you that you can!

The SEO Industry Needs Some Reputation Management (via Search Engine Watch)
Probably not a surprise, but this article does reveal some black hat techniques, and describes what sets good SEOs apart.

8 Signs of an SEO Snake Oil Salesman (via Yahoo! Advertising Blog)
Know what to look for when hiring an SEO – otherwise, you could just end up like one of the horror stories linked to in this article.

26 Ways to Engage With Customers Using Video (via Social Media Examiner)
The A-Z guide to using video – screencasts, FaceTime, YouTube vs. Vimeo, and more!

Using PPC for Local SEO (via SEO Book)
How to make sure you're optimizing for searches specifying a location.

How Google Instant's Autocomplete Suggestions Work (via Search Engine Land)
You might not have realized there was so much to say about what Google suggests when you are typing in its search bar.

3 Things You'll Have To Learn To Start Accepting Guest Articles (via Search Engine People)
There's a lot written about how to contribute guest posts – but how do you decide which to accept onto your own site?

Marketing Transformation Week (via HubSpot)
If you're in for a lot more learning, today is the last day of HubSpot's Marketing Transformation week – but they recorded all the previous sessions for you, too!

This week at Single Grain

6 Ways to Increase Blog Post Rankings
Make sure that your blog is really doing work for you!

A World Without Google [infographic] Have you really absorbed all that's happened since Larry Page met Sergey Brin? Let this infographic show you what's happened!

Make the (Google) News!
Did you know that your news site needs to be submitted to Google News in order to be aggregated? Learn how to do that, and then tips to rank well after your content is being crawled.

Manage your Business's Online Reputation
It does matter how you respond to reviews online, no matter if the review is great or terrible.

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