20 SEO Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Though it can be tempting to only listen to the A-list writers and bloggers in the internet marketing industry. However, you can refine your own business practices further when you see how a variety of people are dealing with similar situations, and read honest writing from others in your position.

Get to know these smaller blogs on the block to widen your perspective of SEO, and give you more unique inspiration than you might find on a larger site.

  1. Small Business Search Marketing
    Written by Matt McGee, an editor at Search Engine Land and Sphinn, this blog focuses on SEO techniques for small businesses who don’t want to spend a fortune on marketing online.
  2. State of Search
    A blog with a weekly podcast covering technical SEO techniques, link building, and a large number of SEO conferences.
  3. Graywolf’s SEO Blog
    Blogger and SEO Michael Gray has no reservations about using and discussing some unfavorable blogging and SEO practices. However, he certainly knows what he’s doing, and is also an established speaker and online moderator.
  4. Precise Internet Marketing Blog
    A British internet marketing company posts multiple times each day, addressing broader internet business questions like which work online jobs are legitimate, as well as conversion and best practices.
  5. Vertical Measures
    The blog of another internet marketing company. A thoughtful and well-written article is posted every 2-3 days covering topics like social media management or search engine optimization.
  6. Skyrocket SEO
    This blog alternates between concise, interesting posts and lengthy explanatory or comparison posts. With plenty of charts and graphs, these how-to’s are pretty easy to follow along.
  7. Marketing Pilgrim
    This internet marketing blog makes sure to stay abreast of search and internet marketing news, while still adding more general informative content.
  8. Link-Assistant.com Blog
    This blog routinely reviews submitted websites for “SEO Crash-tests,” including user experience and SEO advice. Between crash tests you’ll find a number of informative guest posts and surveys.
  9. Success Works: Powerful SEO Copywriting
    With a sleek, fun design, this blog offers a daily dose of copywriting advice and SEO techniques.
  10. Fathom Online Marketing blog
    This online marketing agency recently hit #3 in Website Magazine’s list of top 50 SEO agencies, but its blog is still fairly unknown. Though many of the posts talk about the company itself, the blog also gives a number of SEO tips and tricks.
  11. Authentic Marketing, by Ross Hudgens
    This single-author blog is both educated and opinionated, and counsels balance above strict “white hat” SEO with impeccable writing. Full disclosure: Ross Hudgens made his start in corporate SEO (and SEO blogging) at Single Grain.
  12. Kaiser the Sage
    Another single-author blog, this one is less than a year old. However, Jason Acidre is already being noticed and making waves in the SEO industry.
  13. I-COM Blog
    This blog adds a new, relatively basic post every few days. Topics range from mobile marketing to outreach at a local London high school.
  14. Business 2 Community
    Social media, branding, online marketing, and trends are analyzed in this frequently-updated blog. With a reputation more of a news source than a blog, this site is still an under-recognized gem.
  15. Hector Cuevas
    Hector is still a newcomer to the internet marketing scene, but he is working to grow his online presence. He also produces a weekly podcast discussing SEO essentials and new skills.
  16. Internet Marketing Coach
    True to Terry Dean’s “title,” this site has a personal touch that really coaches and encourages its readers toward achieving blogging and internet marketing success, while still touching on a number of SEO and marketing essentials.
  17. Click Newz! with Lynn Terry
    This blog specializes in case studies, including a huge number of success stories with detailed questions for wisdom and recommendations.
  18. Level 343
    Branding, marketing, and social media are all found in the article archive of Level 343. Updated every few days with advice and thorough articles, this site is a real asset.
  19. Bridgeline Digital
    Though this blog doesn’t update as often as some in this list, it still has a lot to say, and doesn’t shy away from technical questions and answers.
  20. Stone Temple Consulting: Ramblings About SEO
    This very small consulting firm posts surprisingly long articles on its simple blog. The blog also includes a number of interviews with others in the SEO field, along with full transcripts.

Still looking for new blog posts? Here is a growing SEO article aggregator: SEOMeme (“your SEO homepage”). In addition to Alltop and Sphinn, you should never run out of fresh reading material again.

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