How to Manage Your Social Networks

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How many social networks to do you belong to? How do you keep track of all of them? Do you have to visit each site individually in order to keep up?

If you are like me, you belong to dozens of social networks and media sites. I used to spend hours going from site to site and at times would forget I even belonged to a few of them.

For people who belong to only 1 or 2 networks, belonging to an aggregation service may make little sense. The average person belongs to 5-7 different networks.

If you are the average person then the following options are worth looking into for managing all of your social networks in one place:


Profilactic is for anyone who contributes content to more than a few social networking sites like My Space, Facebook, Flickr, Digg,, You Tube, etc. It is a mashup of all of your social networks all in one place. They also have a clippings feature that allows you to collect things about you, such as your name mentioned in an article or a podcast, or a picture of you from a friend's Flickrstream.

Profilactic currently supports 35 sites and are working to roll out more over time. The currently support: 43 Things, 43 People, Bebo, Blinklist, Blue Dot, ClaimID, Consumating,, Digg, Flickr, GameSpot, iLike, Instructables, Jaiku,, LiveJournal, ma.gnolia,, Multiply, MySpace, Newsvine, Pandora, Slide, tumblr,, twitter, Vimeo, Vox, Webshots, Windows Live Spaces, Yahoo! 360, YouTube and Zooomr


Lijit is a search tool for all of your social networks. Once you sign up with Lijit, you can put their search tool on your blog and visitors can search all of your networks. Or, if you forgot which network that you posted that great article, then simply search for it in your Lijit search tool.

One of the other great things about Lijit is that you can use it to put all of your social network links and icons on your blog sidebar. You and your colleagues can access all of your social networks right from your blog. You serve as a filter for all of the results your readers could possibly receive, ensuring they only receive the most relevant results from the source they trust: YOU.

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