How to Become a Delicious Power User

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4 tips to consider if you want your articles to do well on

  • Creating lists about your niche and inform the reader as much as possible.
  • Create how-to articles and consider making it a list. Lists to really well on
  • Discuss your success in grand terms, like: How I Increased My Income by 47%!
  • Funny lists and humorous articles tend to do well.

How to Become a Power User and Increase Your Traffic!

  • Bookmark Everything You Like – The more marks the better, but you don't want to just bookmark anything. As with all social media sites, users are looking for good information
  • Tag Effectively – is all about the tags and the tags are going to help you find articles later. You can use multiple tags, but don't stuff this section.
  • Add Your Favorite Bloggers to Your Network – When people check you out they tend to look at your network.
  • Use Your Inbox – you can get subscriptions in your inbox, add favorites and network through this area. The inbox is your central command.
  • Get Some Subscriptions – You can use tags, such as SEO, and you will get articles on SEO. When you subscribe you find great articles and begin networking with others. You get your name and site out there. So, subscribe to tags that relate to your blog or business.
  • Browse – when you have time browse for interesting articles. This will help you add more favorites, find great writers and network.
  • Share Your Links – Share links you find with people that will be interested.
  • Add a Link Roll to Your Blog – You can add a link roll to your blog and publish your bookmarks or you can publish some of the RSS feeds you read. Remember, you are trying to establish yourself as a power user and when you feature bookmarks and RSS feeds from other sites/blogs people will appreciate it.
  • Add a Badge to Your Site – The badge will display your username, your bookmarks and it quickly lets people add you to their network.
  • Stalking Others Can Be A Benefit – If you know who is watching you and or what articles people admire are reading you can learn more and network more effectively. You can either check other user's inboxes. Just use this url- You will be able to see what they read, what subscriptions they have and who they have bookmarked.
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