Here’s How Netscape Works

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Netscape is a socially driven web site that has over 5,000,000 unique visitors every month. You can participate in Netscape four different ways:

Read the Content

There are many ways you can find articles you are interested in:

  • Netscape has Netscape Anchors Recommend, which is typically hot world-wide news stories and it is located at the very top of the page. Tabs with different subjects allow you to scan through subjects quickly.
  • There is a Today's Hot Stories Submitted and Voted by You section and the stories with the most votes are located on the home page.
  • On the far right there is a Channel box with many subjects to choose from. You can find specific articles you are interested in with this feature. You can also sign up to receive an RSS feed from the channel you are interested in. An RSS feed of the home page is also available.

Vote or Sink Content

It is very easy to vote. You either click Vote or Sink.

Comment on Articles

You will see a link to Discuss on the list of search results you receive. If you click on the title of a story you will see the discussion below the article summary.

Submit Content Yourself

This is as simple as adding the URL, a title, a quick summary of the article and then choosing the right subject area to submit it to. You will want to add some tags, but don't make the tags too specific.

For example, HP Pavilion Entertainment PC will not be searched for very often, if at all, but Laptop or Notebook Computer will. When you are done filling in all of the information your only option to click on will be Check My Story. Netscape checks to see if the article has already been submitted; if it hasn't your done with the submission process.

Additional Information About Netscape

  • Netscape offers Site Mail, which allows you to easily keep in contact with your Netscape buddies. However, there have been reports that the mail system is being abused by spammers. People will become your friend and then bombard your mail with their articles hoping you will vote for them. So, be careful choosing friends. Any success with socially driven web sites depends on creating “friends” and supporting one another. It is the same for Netscape, but you also want to avoid spammers at all cost.
  • Netscape is upgrading their video sharing feature. Once the process is completed you will be able to upload video and tag it with the appropriate keywords. Video Search Optimization (link to other article) is an important aspect of social media and should be considered when submitting a video.
  • My Netscape is a customizable Netscape page that integrates content, mail, account settings and more.
  • Netscape is also an ISP with unlimited usage.

You can read more about Netscape at their blog.

Netscape APIs help you use their system more quickly and effectively.

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