Friday Night Links: Team Building Exercises

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It's graduation season again, and right around the corner is frantic-job-search-season for all of the lucky graduates. But not only are they feeling the stress – hiring teams all over the world are trying to figure out how to weed out the best talent. Thankfully, a number of new blog posts have come to light talking about exactly who to hire and how to find them.

And once you've got someone new on board, then come the trust falls and the ropes courses. But if you really want a good team building exercise, tackle some of the SEO tasks below.


Finding the best talent – and deciding what to contract out.

21 Must-Read Articles on Building World-Class Teams (via Jon Bischke)
If you're looking at making hiring decisions, check out some of these links for inspiration and motivation.

How to Get Promoted to Chief Marketing Officer (via HubSpot)
Mike Volpe just got promoted – and you could, too, by learning his tricks.

Why I Will Never, Ever Hire a “Social Media Expert” (via Peter Shankman)
Make sure you stay focused on communicating with and attracting customers, not just using the most trendy tool.

Everyone Should Hire ‘Social Media Experts' (via SEOmoz)
An answer to the previous article: if you're looking to add to your team, be aware that a social media expert isn't just a meaningless title.

How To Hire A Great In-House Search Engine Marketer (Or Not) (via Search Engine Land)
Making the choice between hiring in-house or agency SEO help – not an easy decision, but these pointers make it simpler.

Should Business Owners Outsource Social Media? (via HubSpot)
It depends on your strengths.


Once you've hired the right person, here are a few things to have them work on:

Massive Duplicate Content Problem- More Revealed (via Search Engine Journal)
The story of the URL problems with a real estate site, with some solutions in sight.

Do The Right SEO Thing… Or Not? (via Search Engine Watch)
A case study of a site which did everything “wrong” – and still benefited from Google's Panda update.

79 Link Building Resources – 2011 Edition (via KISSmetrics Marketing Blog)
Important blogs, tools, and videos that have been updated with link-building advice this year.

The 10 commandments of Linkbuilding [Infographic] (via State of Search)
Thou shalt build quality links. Thou shalt not ignore this advice.

SEO Isn't Google Gaming, It's Focused Marketing (via Level 343)
Proper SEO means focusing each webpage around specific terms – which is marketing, not trying to trick anyone.

Technical Site Audit Checklist (via SEOmoz)
If you're not the person developing your site's code, hand this off to whoever is doing so. Watch out – it's a list that will keep them busy for a while!

This Week at Single Grain

Google vs. Bing: New Developments in Social Search
Why social is worth more than ever: recent algorithm changes in both Google and Bing.

The State of Wikipedia [Infographic] 96.6% of Wikipedia's pages rank in Google's Top 10 Search Results.

Starting a Career in SEO: The Resources
Books, articles, communities, blogs – the works.

Our Favorite Resources for Online Workers
Blogs for anyone who needs to know anything about online writing, marketing, productivity, or entrepreneurship.

Social Media: Past, Present, and Future
Check out a timeline of social media – where it came from, and where it might be going.


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