Friday Night Links: Social Media Is Still Changing

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Every time you think you know how to use a tool, it gets a new twist. This week’s twist is Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Pages 2.0. Without further ado:

Official Facebook announcement: An Upgrade for Pages (via Facebook)

Staying consistent with a recent profile upgrade, Facebook Pages are also getting a facelift. Interact with your fans better than ever – comment and like other pages as your page, view fan activity, and feature recent photos associated with your page. After reading the official announcement and taking the tour, check out a good overview at Inside Facebook: Facebook Page Redesign 2011: All You Need to Know.

Pick & Zip App Allows for Easy Bulk Download of Facebook Photos (via Inside Facebook)

Not as new as the Facebook Pages tweak, this app still adds a useful function to Facebook. Use it to select and download sets of pictures from your profile, as well as your friends and fans. Useful, especially if you have a number of customers interacting with your Facebook page through photos and you want to back up or use the photos outside of Facebook.

65 Terrific Social Media Infographics (via Pamorama)

Who doesn’t love infographics? Having a good way to visualize what we’re doing in the digital realm is especially powerful because it can seem so insubstantial. Interesting infographics include the Social Marketing Compass and The CMO’s Guide To The Social Media Landscape, but there are 63 more I’m sure you’d love! Bear in mind that if you want to view the original context of the infographic, you need to search for it – this article links to full-size versions on its own site, but not back to original sources.

10 tips for Larry Page (via Conversation Marketing)

Now for some media that some people want to get less social: this article tells Google’s current CEO, Larry Page, to forget the social media and focus on search!

Mea Culpa: How I Failed At Link Building (via SearchEngineWatch)

True confessions are a good place to learn lessons without going through the hard knocks yourself. This is the story of how the author lost a client by only creating easy links during a link building campaign, encouraging you to go for quality links, not quantity.

Keyword Research – Using Categories to Make Your Process More Actionable (via SEOmoz)

And now a post that will get you out there doing something! Yes, keyword research is hard, and feels a lot like guesswork sometimes. But here is an in-depth tour of one SEO’s approach to doing great SEO keyword research. Take a deep breath and take the plunge!

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