Friday Night Links: Simple Addition

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Of course it's the week that I'm out for vacation that new announcements start flying around the internet!

Facebook announced video capabilities, Google Plus has launched, and all of the rest of Google's products are getting a facelift and a few new features.

Check out this week's collection of great blog posts and articles introducing these new features and making sure you know what you need to know to take advantage of these services. In addition, past SEO advice is still relevant, so read on to check out some tried and true blog posts that aren't impacted by the newest changes.


HOW TO: Launch Facebook Skype Video Chat [PICS] (via Mashable)
Yes, Facebook has live video now, powered by Skype.

Facebook Video Chat v. Google Hangouts: It's No Contest (via TechCrunch)
Facebook for one-on-one, and Google+ for groups – they don't overlap much.

The Google Plus 50 (via Chris Brogan)
50 things he's thinking about Google+. After all, every future prediction is theoretical anyway.

Google+ “Pages” Coming For Businesses (via Search Engine Land)
Google+ is not set up for business or group profiles right now – but it's coming!

Google Tests Content Authorship Spotlighting (via Search Engine Watch)
This change was mentioned last week, but bears repeating and another perspective.

What Google's Search By Image and Instant Pages Mean For Your Website (via Search Engine Journal)
You can now search Google with images, and the first result on the SERP will be able to load instantly for users. How can you leverage these new capabilities?

Tale of 2 Google Places Algorithms – Organic vs Places Ranking Factors Revealed (via Google Places Optimization Blog)
Check out a number of powerful tools to help get your Google Place to the top of the rankings.

Still the Same

Interview With an Online Marketer and Link Builder (via Performancing)
Introducing the SEO field, and one SEO specifically, to an audience of bloggers.

SEO Interview Questions – Whiteboard Friday (via SEOmoz)
How do you interview a potential SEO – and how would you answer those interview questions?

How to Use Product Reviews to Drive SEO (via Search Engine People)
Get people to talk about your product, and they'll link back to you.

How to Manage Scalability in Search Engine Optimization (via SEO Theory)
Scalability is about your process, not what tools you're using.

Google Continues to Encourage Site Owners to Think Beyond PageRank (via Search Engine Land)
PageRank is not what should define your site – try looking at conversion rate, bounce rate, and clickthrough rate.

Why the Daily Deals Business isn't as Simple as it Appears: an SEO Perspective (via Bruce Clay)
Is Groupon going to survive? Is Foursquare catching up? Will Google Offers overtake them both?

Quick Guide to Smartphone & Mobile SEO (via TopRank)
The basics of attracting mobile users and laying out a welcome mat.

An SEO Wishlist for Content Management Systems (via Ecommerce Developer)
Follow the search for the perfect CMS, and understand how to better use the capabilities that have been developed.

This Week on Single Grain

Why Your Business Needs a Sense of Humor
Though it depends on your target market and niche, many companies could do better with a more casual approach.

9 Companies Doing Twitter Right
Check out how a variety of sites are using Twitter to get the word out.

The Biggest Tech IPOs of 2011 (Infographic)
Internet companies are making it big on Wall Street. This infographic focuses on a few of this year's biggest IPOs: Pandora, Zynga, LinkedIn, and Groupon.

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