Friday Night Links: See and Be Seen

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The first day you publish a blog post or a new webpage, it's a great excuse to let people know about it. But how do you make the transition from brand new to evergreen content? There were a lot of different answers to that question today.

Keep it social with Google's new +1 button and tips on responding to negative feedback. Use more traditional SEO tips, like writing high-quality content and being covered by traditional media. Whether you haven't even started building a site or you already have pages and pages of content, there are a few tips and tricks in here for you!

Meet +1: Google's Answer To The Facebook Like Button (via Search Engine Land)
This has to be the difinitive non-Google guide to the newest Google tweak: the “Plus One” button. Read for everything you need to know and more.

How to Promote Existing Content (or Failed Linkbaits) (via
Just because no one noticed your linkbait article within 24 hours doesn't mean it failed: it just means you need to keep bringing eyes to it before it goes “viral” on its own.

New research proves that RESPONDING to negative feedback online benefits companies (via Mark Collier)
However, this does not mean that any response to negative feedback is the right response – see a few tips on how to respond in the blog post.

109 Ways to Make Your Business Irresistible to the Media (via Copyblogger)
A long, long list of ways to attract the eyes of reporters and make the news.

Distilled London Link Building Conference 2011 – Round Up (via Distilled)
Haven't had a chance to attend an SEO conference? Here's a succinct wrap-up with key takeaways from a number of speakers.

16 Google Tools to Improve Marketing Effectiveness (via HubSpot)
To improve your position on the SERPs, the first couple (Places, Tags) are the most important – the rest are handy Google tools for better time management.

Why Quality Is The Only Sustainable SEO Strategy (via Search Engine Land)
This actually talks about other sustainable SEO strategies, too, including keeping stable URLs and understanding link factors in search algorithms.

8 Reasons SEO Audits are Needed Before Sites are Built (via Search Engine Journal)
SEO Audits are needed, not during, not after, but before you even start building a site. Here are things to look for.

Improving your website is always such a daunting task that it's great to see tips that can be done completely independently from one another.

This week at Single Grain

The 8 Best Web Analytics Tools of 2011
This article takes 8 different lists of “best web analytics tools” and sees how little overlap there really is – and shows all 82 tools that were mentioned! Check out the complete analysis on Google Docs, too.

20 Ways to Make a List
Figure out how to keep track of to-dos and memos with online, Android, and iPhone apps. Turn your to-do's into done's!

10 Ways to Measure Social Media Engagement
Once you're using social media, how do you measure its impact on your company, your reputation, or your brand? Here are 10 places to start seeing the difference.

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