Friday Night Links: Pages that Are Ready to Read

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Search was created to help people find the things they want to read, when they want to read it. So how do you create pages that are ready to be read? Check out linkbait strategies, landing page construction, SEO tips, and lots of other blogs to surf for inspiration. There is even a post describing the personal journey of one man in the SEO industry. And, of course, plenty of posts still discussing the echoing impact of Google+ and its users.

Pages People Want to Read

SEO 101: 6 Steps to Selecting Your Pages (via Search Engine Watch)
When focusing your keyword efforts, which pages should you optimize first?

How To Make Awesome Landing Pages for Local PPC (via SEO Book)
Long and informative, this post is packed with screenshots and practical tips for creating targeted landing pages.

How to Create Ethical Linkbait from Public Information (via Search Engine Watch)
Using facts, figures, and anecdotes makes for great linkbait, especially if you display it in an easy-to-process way.

The New World – Top 90 Online Marketing Blogs (Rookies) (via Kaiser the Sage)
If you want to overwhelm your feed reader, try adding all 90 of these blogs, grouped into a few different categories.

From Here On Out, Do What You Love (via Justin Briggs)
A heart-warming story about a man who found his niche in SEO, and is ready to make his mark there.

Superior Search

SEO For Videos: Why Google Loves a Search Engine Optimized Video (via Performancing)
Videos can shoot to the top of the SERPs – check out a few tips and tricks to get it there.

My Top 10 Insights From 10 Years In Search (via Search Engine Land)
Insight #1:  Test. Optimize. Repeat. (Happy 9th anniversary in SEO, Josh Dreller!)

DIY Internet Marketing Education: Where to Start (via Bruce Clay)
Pick up internet marketing tricks from experts, books, and blogs.

Common Semantic HTML Mistakes: Are You Making Them? (And Why You Shouldn't) (via Springboard SEO)
A clear, logical guide to using HTML to communicate meaning, not just page structure.

Google Goods

How To Gain Great Insights With Google Analytics Dashboards (via Search Engine Land)
Dashboards are  one of the new updates to Google Analytics – make sure you know how to use them well.

Google+: Five Things for e-Marketers to Consider (via Search Engine Journal)
You can't yet create a business account on Google+, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be thinking about it.

What Will Google Plus Google Places Equal? (via Search Engine Land)
A great conjecture about integrating Google Places profiles with Google+.

What is Google+ Really all About? (via State of Search)
The importance of testing, and what this author thinks the next step is for Google+.

This Week on Single Grain

Link-Building Vs. Relationship-Building
There's no bot that can build relationships for you.

Beginners Guide to Using Facebook Video Chat
Facebook and Skype have partnered to offer Facebook Video Chat – check out great instructions and screenshots to get a feel for it.

Plus, this week Single Grain was on Mashable, thanks to last week's infographic, The Biggest Tech IPOs of 2011.

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