Friday Night Links: Pandas and More

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The best pickings of this week are all over the map, and there are quite a few, so they're grouped into subheadings so you can keep track and pick out which ones to look at first. Of course, people are still talking about Google's “panda/farmer” algorithm update, trying to weed out “content farms,” but you'll find some interesting defenses of the article marketing concept (not necessarily the implementation).

Also below: read some analytics advice for you and your company. Check out a few checklists to optimize SEO after your site design or redesign. And last but not least, the latest in social media, including the growth of LinkedIn and a comparison between LinkedIn and Facebook.

Google Algorithm Update + Article Marketing

Google's Collateral Damage (via SEOBook)
You might have already seen this giant infographic, but it helps put the latest Google algorithm updates in perspective.

Article Marketing for SEO (via SEO Theory)
This article will blow your socks off. In wake of Google's algorithm changes, what's the right way to do article marketing?

How to Turn One Piece of Content Into Five (via HubSpot)
Yes, it is possible to reuse content in non-spammy ways – especially with a big presentation that most of the internet won't have an opportunity to see.


Evangelizing a Data-Driven Culture (via SEOmoz)
I might have named this article “How to Get the Rest of Your Company Interested in Analytics.”

Google Analytics Team Launches New Features (via
Getting people to play attention to your analytics might help with new visual features – still in beta, but there are a ton of screenshots here.

SEO Site Design

SEO Checklist: 60 essential checks before launching a website (via Web SEO Analytics)
Even just looking at this list is exhausting – but if you want to be ready to optimize your SEO right out of the gate, it will be exhausting!

Your Site Redesign Checklist (via Search Engine People)
Want your site to get a new look, without all the potential problems? Keep this list handy!

Social Media

100 million members and counting… (via the LinkedIn blog)
LinkedIn is definitely not joking around anymore. Check out their mile-high infographic to see how far it's come.

Stop Scheduling Tweets Today! (via Search Engine Journal)
No, the title doesn't say it all: this is mainly talking about a product that queues tweets instead of scheduling them. Not sure if I understand the difference.

LinkedIn or Facebook for B2B and B2C Businesses? (via WordStream)
Trying to figure out where to make a splash using social media for your business? Check out my guest post over at WordStream for a little head-to-head comparison.

This Week on Single Grain

50 Tools Every Online Publisher Should Use
Design, development, functionality, and the list goes on – several useful categories with the best tools in each.

7 Words for Wise Community Managers
Trying to understand how to facilitate your online community most easily and simply?

Our Favorite Market Research Tools
Check out a few sites to keep up with what's trendy. Might not be the “tools” you'd expect!

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