Friday Night Links: Out with the Old, In with the New

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This week came with a lot of announcements – from Apple's WWDC, to new buttons from Google and Twitter, to a new LinkedIn feature. Are you sure you're ready to incorporate all the changes? Freshen up the rest of your site with a few new ideas about About Pages, creative examples of video and social media usage, and freshly tested advertising campaigns. Then make sure you've gotten rid of the bad after reading a couple informative rants about SEO, customers, and more.

In with the Brand New

This new button is a quick way to gain you followers – but realize that it's not going to replace the Tweet button!

Google +1 Goes Live And You Can Too! (via Search Marketing Standard)
While you're adding new buttons to your site, don't forget to add the new Google +1 button.

iEncroach: is Apple going too far? (via Econsultancy)
Apple's announcement of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch suggests that it's going to encroach on the territory of some existing bestselling apps, like Istapaper.

How to Use LinkedIn Today to Find Popular Content (via Social Media Examiner)
LinkedIn Today is the new way for professionals on LinkedIn to share their thoughts and commentary on new articles and posts.

In with the New

How to Create an Amazing About Us Page (via Greywolf)
The bar is pretty low to making a great About Us page, so use technology, make people laugh, or even offend someone.

Just write! Ian Lurie on why you have to, even if you think you don't (via Success Works SEO Copywriting)
Yes, your customer (or future customer) wants something to read – you need to be able to write about what you sell!

Boeing Shows That Any Kind Of Business Can Find A Way To Use Video (via Reel SEO)
Boeing jumps into social media and YouTube, even though they haven't used traditional advertising much.

Three Things You Need to Know about the Yellow Pages (via Search Engine Journal)
You are in control of your own yellow pages listing – go ahead and make it work for you.

Out with the Old

Why Most SEO Advice Sucks (For You) (via Ross Hudgens)
SEO is about doing what works best for you, according to this lengthy and informative rant.

7 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Growing (via HubSpot)
A guest post about how to really start engaging your blog readers.

How to (not) tell someone you can't afford it (via Conversation Marketing)
All the lame excuses clients use when they're stalling before making an expensive decision.

Ad copy best practices…. really? (via Convonix Blog)
Best practices are something to keep in mind, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do testing on your ad campaign.

This Week on Single Grain

The Best Social Media Plugins: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome
Do you like extending the capabilities of your browser? Here are some ways to do exactly that, no matter which browser you use.

The Unwritten Rules of Social Media
Nothing is more difficult or more worthwhile than learning social and cultural norms – including within online communities.

13 Ways to Market Your Business Online
Don't get distracted from reaching out on behalf of your blog or brand.

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