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Let's let the links tell the story today. High-quality, well-linked content is what Google wants to see (and believes that consumers do as well). They already have sophisticated  filters for poorly-linked content, but now the Google algorithm is starting to filter low-quality content-especially duplicate content. Check out the articles below to learn more about Google's “farmer” algorithm and how it penalizes a high number of low-quality links.

Additionally, if you're looking to create more links on your own, look no farther than the Ultimate Social Media Profile Chart. It will show you which types of social media profiles to create for the end-goal of having a followed link back to your site. And, if you want to make sure your anchor text is varied enough, read on for a system to help guide you through.

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update (via Search Engine Land)

Here are a few interesting details to note about last week's Google algorithm update. For one thing, the changes made only impact search results within the U.S., though they may eventually be applied to outside countries. And secondly, though Cutts claims none of the data from Google Chrome's spam extension influenced the latest update, the numbers suggest otherwise. As a direct result of the update, 84% of the '50 most widely reported spam sites' as flagged by the tool's users, were affected by the changes. Read the full article for the whole scoop!

What Happens When You Build 10,000 Dodgy Links to a New Domain in 24 Hours? (via SEOptimize)

Spoiler alert! What happens is, as in the case of this particular site, they collected about 3 weeks of dramatic improvement in organic traffic and #1 rankings for the search term, but were penalized when Google discovered them. A few months have passed since the site was flagged, and still they haven't been restored in Google's good favor. Commenters claim that Google eventually lets the penalty go, but it hasn't happened yet!

The Ultimate Social Media Profile Chart (via Search Rank)

When they say ultimate, they mean ultimate. This is a long, long list of social media websites where you can create a profile and link back to your own site. The sites are broken up into categories, and it even shows whether the links from the sites are followed by search engines. Just remember – backlinks are good, but dead profiles on social media sites leave a bad impression, so be choosy.

How to Unnaturally Vary Your Anchor Text (via Ross Hudgens)

Search engines notice if every link back to your domain has the same anchor text and if so, you get penalized. But how do you make sure that you are getting enough variety in your links? Here's one strategy that helps you stay close to your optimal keywords while still making sure to shake it up a little!

This week on Single Grain

4 SEO Methods That Are Not Worth It

Spammers spam because it works – for now. But as search engines work harder to update (see above!) and get better at determining what a quality site really is, spam is going to become less effective. Keep away from unethical SEO methods like spamming, because they're just not worth it!

The Magical World of Guest Posting

Guest posting is hard work – but the effects of it are wonderful! This article walks you through the process, answering questions like “why post?” and “what should I write about?”

The Link Building Tools You Already Have

Pat yourself on the back – you already have crucial link-building tools already in place. What are they? The people around you! Your employees, customers, network, and readers are all rooting for you, and can really help your SEO shine – especially if you know what to ask them for!

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