Friday Night Links: Life Lessons

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One thing that blogs show us is that we have a lot to learn. Every day and every week, brand new information is produced, explaining old concepts in new ways or introducing new thoughts and ideas.

This week, SEOs, businesses and webmasters can find new information in our links to the best of SEO and internet marketing blogs. Plus a great link that everyone working in online marketing should read, about a grey-hat SEO who decided to shape up and start creating legitimate information products to make a real living online. In addition, a few links about the newest social network, Google+.

Closed Indefinitely… Because I Was Wrong and I Intend to Stop Adding Junk to the Web (via Paid in Passive)
The final post on a (formerly) somewhat questionable SEO blog, giving voice to the new convictions of the author about creating legitimate, high-quality websites (including a number of great links to other fundamental posts).

Google Plus

Good First Sign: I Have A Strong Desire To Keep Using Google+ (via TechCrunch)
Initial review of Google Plus: pretty good.

The New Google Social Network – Google+ (via SEOmoz)
A simple review with lots of screenshots, interested to see where Google+ will go next.

Google Plus: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (via Search Engine Land)
Another post deciding that Google Plus is pretty, complicated, and pretty good.

Google+ (via xkcd)
The real reason to use Google+: you know you want to!

For Businesses

@ is the Universal Sign of Engagement (via Brian Solis)
As a business, you need to make sure that you're engaging in a conversation with your customers.

Do Your PPC Campaigns Need to go on a Diet? (via Blue Glass)
If your PPC campaigns are too convoluted to understand, follow these tips to make your PPC work faster and better.

Personas 101: What Are They and Why Should I Care? (via Get Elastic)
Try developing a persona representing your ideal customer in order to better target your business.

Growth of Conversions on a New Site (via Search Engine Watch)
An explanation of why conversions grow more slowly than traffic.

For SEOs

Top SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid (Cheatsheet) (via Search Engine Journal)
A far-too-simple chart of SEO mistakes and the corresponding solutions.

Is The Google Panda Update Fair? (via Daily SEO Tip)
A succinct retrospective on the Google Panda/Farmer updates.

How We Work With Data Superstructures in SEO (via SEO Theory)
Have you ever realized how incredibly large the Internet is?

Answers to 4 Excellent SEO Questions (via SEOmoz)
A few great Twitter-length questions for Rand Fishkin, and non-Twitter-length answers from the CEO of SEOmoz.

For Webmasters

Highlighting content creators in search results (via Inside Search)
If you are an author or content creator, start using your Google Profile to sync your writing no matter where that writing is on the web.

Writing Meta-Descriptions: The Complete Guide (via Coconut Headphones)
Tips to write a high quality meta-tag that encourages searchers to click through to your page.

6 Commonly Ignored Website Requirements & 10 Tips To Remember (via Search Engine Land)
Starting website creation with a list of requirements is wise, and should include these requirements – but you can implement solutions to these requirements even if your site is already live.

This Week on Single Grain

An Introduction to Email Marketing
Are you ready to start email marketing? Here are the things to think about before you start, and what you should keep doing to continue it.

9 Companies Doing LinkedIn Right
The third in a series (with the first two about Facebook and Twitter), this article profiles some aspects of your company LinkedIn profile to be sure to focus on.

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