Friday Night Links: Gotta Share

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Finally, the internet world has a theme song: “Gotta Share.” Imagine attending a tech conference and suddenly being in the middle of an improv musical. That's the situation a number of audience members were in at last month's Gel Conference. Beware clicking on the video below: the tune is astoundingly catchy!

Check out more about the making of the video on Improv Everywhere's blog.

And, now that you're awake, check out the rest of this week's links that we've gotta share:

Microsoft Buys Skype for $8.5 Billion in Cash (via Marketing Pilgrim)
Well, neither Google nor Facebook bought Skype – so now, what will Microsoft do with it?

5 Often Surprisingly Overlooked SEO Tactics (via Search Engine Journal)
An article that lives up to its name – these aren't radically new, but good to consider.

10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building (via SEOmoz)
Dress up your writing by making it easy to scan, read, and understand.

Google Update: Just Make Good Panda Content (via
Don't rest on your laurels, no matter where you are in the SERPs after the Panda update.

Questioning Amit Singhal's Questions (via SEO Book)
Google's Amit Singhal published a list of questions to help webmasters determine if their content is high-quality. This article goes through each question in detail and provides counter-points.

Getting big links from big media sites, the fundamentals (via Distilled)
If you are pitching a story to a newspaper, make sure you know how they work.

A link builder's guide to working with bloggers (via Leapfrogg)
Blogs can be a wonderful source of high-quality backlinks – but in return, you need to be willing to engage bloggers as people, not as PR agencies.

What bayonet-wielding professors can teach you about online marketing (via Conversation Marketing)
Basically: don't be afraid to pick a weird analogy to make your point every once in a while.

Slim Down Your CPCs With 3 Compound Metrics (via Search Engine Watch)
Combine all the data you need to see by using compound metrics when launching or tweaking a PPC campaign.

Why 50% of SEO/PPC Engagements Fail (via Search Engine Land)
How can you make sure that your company's SEO or PPC efforts are returning a positive ROI? Is it that important?

Beyond Blog Posts – A Guide to Innovative Content Types (via SEOmoz)
A long, long list, including Q&A sites, slideshows, and even animated GIFs. Real food for thought here.

Attention ‘Dear Sophie'-Inspired Parents, You Can't Actually Create A Google Account For Your Kid (via TechCrunch)
The latest Google commercial doesn't change the fact that email addresses can't be created for children under 13.

Should I use the Canonical Tag or 301 Redirect to change domains? (via visible factors)
Great data, and the conclusion ends up being: both!

Coldwell Banker on How Online Video and the iPad is Powering its Business (via Forbes MarketShare)
This real estate agency points out that “the iPad was seemingly made for real estate sales.”

So You Wanna Throw A Twitter Party? Here's How (via Outspoken Media)
Decide your event, pick your hashtag, bring some goodies – voila!

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