Friday Night Links: Getting Down to Business

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This week's links all point to one thing – it's time to get serious about your company's website. Whether you need to spend more time link-building or if you just need to the news about your small brick-and-mortar business out on the web, there's a post here for you. Plus, the true story of a trending topic – from the person who started it – and some PPC tips to keep your advertising working for you. Read on!

10 SEO Tips to Shorten the Time to Rank! (via SEO Design)
If you're still waiting to appear on Page 1 of Google, try implementing some of these tips.

3 Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your Link Building (via Link Spiel)
Short and sweet, here are some ways to start encouraging others to link to you.

Actionable Link Building Strategies (via SEOmoz)
Some strategies involving researching broken links, and featuring a tool called Screaming Frog.

25 reasons why another site will link to yours (via Wordtracker)
Check out these reasons for getting links, and they'll probably spark some interesting link-building strategies.

A Practical Guide to SERP Profiling – Part 2 (via Blue Glass)
Start analyzing data – this gives some great step-by-step ways to look at search engine results.

Are Keyword Density Percentages Killing Your Content? (via Level 343)
A couple great arguments for why you shouldn't stress about trying to hit a particular keyword density percentage.

Will Groupon Really Boost Your Local Business? (via Social Media Examiner)
What is the true cost of your promotion, and will you get enough customer in the door to make it worth it?

Google's Taxes on Small Online Businesses (via SEO Book)
How does Google penalize those who don't follow its AdWords rules?

Size Does Matter: How Retailers Should Manage Campaigns For Big & Small Ticket Items (via Search Engine Land)
Small ticket items will deliver consistently, while big ticket items might take longer to be profitable, but will often do really well over time, too.

Can Google Correlate Be Used as a PPC Tool? (via Search Engine Watch)
Watch how keyword searches fluctuate over time using Google Correlate.

Set Up A Local PPC Campaign in 8 Easy Steps (via SEO Book)
These 8 steps are not hard, and so many details are given in this article that you almost have to go try it for yourself.

Winning Multinational eCommerce SEO Strategies (via Search Engine Watch)
How to set up your website if you're ready to reach out to the citizens of multiple countries.

In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment (via Brian Solis)
Don't take the fun out of social media, but do use it intelligently

Anatomy of a trending topic: How Twitter & the crafting community put the smackdown on Urban Outfitters (via My Aim Is True)
If you feel like you don't have enough followers to make a difference, check out this post.

This Week at Single Grain

Starting a Career in SEO: The Lingo
Here's a great working glossary for the internet terms for you to learn.

Mobile Apps Are Taking Over Our Lives
Here's a list of our favorite mobile apps, from games to productivity tools.

How to Be Productive Working On the Internet
A bunch of distraction-busting tips to use when you really just need to work.

Top Paid Tech CEOs [Infographic] Curious about how much some CEOs make in proportion to how much their company earns? Here's the breakdown.

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