Friday Night Links: From Anger to Advice

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This week’s collection of links includes a few passionate and even angry posts, including the ones following our headline feature, the Bing vs. Google finger-pointing. If you want to get past the anger and sarcasm to some fun and useful advice, cheer up with the articles about the best Facebook pages, personal landing pages, and fan sites.

Bing vs. Google

This week’s search engine news: the face off between Bing and Google. Google claimed Bing was copying search results, basing many arguments on the similarities between results for nonsense words like “hiybbprgag.” Bing refuted that claim, and then Google pitched in again!

Starting A New SEO Business in 2011? (via SEO Book)

A somewhat pessimistic, tongue-in-cheek, doomsaying article about how you might as well just give up now if you’re thinking of starting a new SEO business.

10 Reasons You’re Not an “Advanced” SEO (via Conversation Marketing)

Pessimistic? How about downright angry? Ian Lurie warns his readers outright that he’s mad, and he’s going to write like it. For SEO workers, this is a good (if angry) guide to some things you need to know to create good-quality SEO – for anyone hiring an SEO specialist or agency, here are some skills to look for and ask about.

How Social Media Changes Everything* (via SEO Book)

This is the article for you if you’re in the mood for a read and you want an interesting perspective on some of the upsides and a lot of the downsides of large-scale social media as it begins to resemble more traditional media sources.

New PageRank Formula May Change Your SEO Priorities (via Search Engine Journal)

Everyone loves to know what the world’s favorite search engine has to say about how valuable websites are. If you want to boil this article down, it’s showing how low-quality links help your website’s Google PageRank less than ever. Keep focusing SEO efforts on getting relevant, high-quality links to your website.

Compelling Facebook Fan Pages (via Chris Brogan)

Look at some great examples of Facebook fan pages that encourage interaction and interest. Chris Brogan observes what people seem to like in fan pages, including graphic design, offers, and staying within Facebook (instead of jumping out to a different page).

5 Best Personal Landing Pages (via Lifehacker)

Unify your online presence with a personal landing page. This article compares a few, including,, and

Five Ways to Get Links from Fan Sites (via SEOmoz)

Just another reminder about different types of sites where you can cultivate high-quality links: fan sites. No matter what your niche, you can probably find a group of passionate fans in a related club or group. Reach out to them genuinely and helpfully, and you might be able to foster some great links in return.

Single Grain This Week

Facebook for Businesses: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Stop doing the don’ts and start on the do’s! Using Facebook is as simple as that. See the actual list in the article!

3 Most Inspiring Books on Social Media

If you don’t want to curl up in a chair with a glowing screen, but still want to do some learning about social media, check out one of these genuine paper books.

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