Communication Through Body Language

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Communication is not only what you say, it also the way you move. Here are few things you say to others by simple body movements:

Fiddling: Playing with your watch or a pen looks like you’re bored or impatient
Clock Watching: It looks like you’re anxious to move on to something else.
Tapping: Tapping your foot or fingers suggests you are impatient or nervous.
Staring: An unblinking stare conveys aggression
Legs Crossed/Body Hunched: Closing up your body profile —becoming smaller— looks like you lack confidence.
Arms Crossed: If you keep your arms folded during communication, you appear to be defending yourself against the others.
Touching Your Face: When you have your hand in front of your mouth, you appear timid.
Rubbing Your Nose/Looking Away:People who are lying often rub their nose or look away when speaking.
No Eye Contact: If you won’t look the other speaker in the eye, you seem to have low interest or a lack of confidence.

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