50 More iPhone 3.0 Beta Giveaway

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UPDATE: If your software is expired you are going to have to downgrade back to 2.2:

Restoring 2.2

Downgrading from 3.0 beta

On March 25th, 2009 10:00AM PST Will start of the 2nd iPhone 3.0 Beta giveaway. Single Grain has 50 more licenses to give away and it will be on a first come first serve basis. Last time we had this giveaway we ran out of licenses in 6 hours.

The giveaway is similar to last time. Heres the details:

1. Spread the word. Post this on twitter: “Single Grain's 50 iPhone 3.0 Beta Giveaway http://tinyurl.com/c3zxra& blog about the giveaway

2. Email us where you blogged (URL to blog post) about it and your UDID number (Here's how you find your UDID Number on your iPhone) And we'll email you the link to download it. Email your information here: [email protected]

3. Give Feedback. So once you've installed 3.0 OS Beta leave a comment. How do you like it? Any bugs? Any particular apps don't work? Anything will be helpful.

It's really easy. Let's begin. We will update this page when we run out of licenses.

Disclaimer: This is a first come first serve basis. Once you install iPhone OS 3.0 Beta on your phone you will not be able to revert back to 2.2.1 so be absolutely sure you want it. This is not the actual iPhone it is just the software. Single Grain is not liable to for any damages to your phone. If you do run into any problems we are more than happy to help. Please do this at your own risk

Update 1: The giveaway starts 3/25/09 at 10AM PST NOT RIGHT AWAY! You will not only have to post on twitter about the giveaway you will need to blog about it too. Please do both and include the URL of the blog post in your email with the UDID Number.

Update 2: Please make sure your UDID number is at least 40 hex characters. If it is not correct and you install your iphone it will not activate.

Update 3: We are almost out. Its only been 1 hours and we only have about 15 left.

Update 4: We are out of licenses. Stay tuned as we are going have another giveaway soon.

John Murphy's Feedback:

1.) For some reason I can't send SMS to multiple recipients anymore. It keeps giving me a “message send failure”
2.) My sound is a little out of whack. Intermittently the keyboard click and unlock/lock notifiers don't work.
3.) MMS doesn't work. I assume that's an other carrier thing but who knows.

Other than that I love it and I assume these bugs will be worked out before the official release. Thanks for the opportunity to try it out!!

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