12 Tips To Become A Digg Rockstar

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12 Tips To Be A Digg Rockstar

  1. Create a Memorable Profile – Your name, and picture, are very important. Think of how many avatars you remember well and why they stick out and are memorable.
  2. Submit Valuable Content – Don't just submit from your own site. Provide something others will consider valuable. Adding nice comments is helpful. Also look at those that have power accounts, those that do well on Digg and bookmark their sites and the sites they Digg. If you Digg from these sites you are automatically connecting and networking.
  3. Do Not Make Friends with Everyone – This strategy does not look good and does not benefit you.
  4. Do Not Review A Story and Digg It – If you discuss another news story and then Digg your own story it could be considered blog spam. However, you can discuss why you disagree with an article or news story and Digg it.
  5. Digg Your Blogging Buddies, Work Associates and Writers You Respect – If you Digg their stories they will most likely Digg yours. You want to create a Digg network of non-spammers.
  6. Create a Resource of Articles – Review Sphinn, StumbleUpon, Reddit, NetScape, RSS feeds, industry web sites and any other place you find valuable articles. Digg them and get your name out there.
  7. Befriend Those That Digg You – You can see who Dugg your stories and you should befriend them. Remember, networking is important. If you befriend someone their network of friends my befriend you.
  8. Review the Stories That Do Well on Digg – What are the topics? Who is submitting the stories? There are trends; pay attention and mimic the behaviors that work. Also, comment on the big stories, but make sure the comment is a good one. “Good article” is not enough.
  9. Create an Exciting Title and Description – If you want people to read and Digg, the title and description need to draw readers in.
  10. Use Effective Keywords – When you choose keywords or tags you do not want to spam and you want to choose words that will bring in a lot of readers. “SEO Tips” will not bring in as many readers as “SEO”.
  11. Be an Active Participant – If you are active in the community you have a better chance of building a trustworthy reputation.
  12. Pay Attention to Your Diggs – Check and see how the stories you Dugg are doing. Which did well? Which did not do well? Where any buried? Keep a record of the topics that do well and those that don't. Use this record as a guide.
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